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Games, Narrative Experiences, and Vignettes


Reflections on fighting a battle that is invisible to everyone 


\ ˈre-və-rē \ 
(a state of having) pleasant dream-like thoughts

Finding Will

Love. Loss. Grief. Picking up the pieces of your scattered self. 
A four-part story told via different mediums.

Content for tab 2.

Some of my other projects (WIP)

Healing Garden

Mental health resources do not belong behind a paywall. I think it's barbaric to lock huge sections of people out. Help should be accessible to all. This is a digital garden that contains my reflections in hopes it aids someone in their journey. 🌻


Yet another mental health related project of mine! This too, is to help make mental health resources more accessible. 

Was I Really There?

A virtual exhibit about dissociation and how it feels to simultaneously exist and not exist in the world.