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Welcome to Astro's Lair!

My home on the information superhighway.

Make yourself cozy!
Take a seat. Here's a [hot beverage of your choice]☕! 

This quaint little place is for all my projects and creations, as raw as they can get. 
My musings, ramblings, and everything that lies in between.

You can read my rants... erm, posts, play some of the games I've made, check out some of my art, or even just say hi! 

(This place is constantly evolving, my website will never be finished, it's in a constant state of development.)

Oh, I believe accessibility is the most
important factor when it comes to web (or any) content, so I'm working on making my site more accessible! If you think there's anything I can do better, please let me know! 


- August 1, 2022  - Added my (incomplete) Codex Vitae/blog/digital garden hodgepodge! It replaces the blog that I had earlier.  

- June 30, 2022   - Things didn't go as planned. The June 10th launch did not happen ;~: But hey! New site is now live :D

June 10, 2022 - Major overhaul 2.0 - Electric Boogaloo! Should work even better on mobile now :D Made a ton of changes. Switched to Bootstrap5. Also we're close to 14k views!

- June 7, 2022  - We hit 13,000 views?! What? How? Must be bots crawling the web or something. 

- Whoop! We're live and it's my birthday! 🥳🎉

Jan 15, 2022 - Site Redesign! Major overhaul.

Oct 15, 2021 - Site Created 🍰

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