you find yourself in the lair of astro. Make yourself comfortable!

A long time ago, corporations did not rule the interwebz. It was a time of creativity, expression, and exploration. Astro's Lair is a love letter to the Internet of yesteryear, a time long gone but not forgotten. It is also home to Astro's works, no matter how weird or zany they are. 
Love the idea of personal web, an indie web, the internet of yore? May I introduce you to Yesterweb. An amazing community of amazing people. You'll find a wealth of information in there. 

The site is always under construction, some pages may be incomplete. Take this  hard hat and venture forth, brave adventurer!

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-January 28, 2023 - BIGGEST update yet! Another rehaul. 💜  I should stop rehaul-ing and start making more content honestly. Currently, we have 27k views, whoop.
December 11, 2022 - Another major rehaul. This took me longer than I anticipated. Oh, domain (astroslair dot xyz) expired a month ago. I'm still debating on getting a new one/renewing it.

August 1, 2022  - Added my (incomplete) 📕 Codex Vitae/blog/digital garden hodgepodge! It replaces the blog that I had earlier.  

June 30, 2022   Things didn't go as planned. The June 10th launch did not happen ;~: But hey! New site is now live :D

June 10, 2022 - Major overhaul 2.0 - Electric Boogaloo! Should work even better on mobile now :D Made a ton of changes. Switched to Bootstrap5. Also we're close to 14k views!

June 7, 2022  - We hit 13,000 views?! What? How? Must be bots crawling the web or something. 

- Whoop! We're live and it's my birthday! 🥳🎉

Jan 15, 2022 - Site Redesign! Major overhaul.

🍰 Oct 15, 2021 Site Created!! 🎊